Our college indeed has an aesthetic aura which instills an educative spirit in the seclusion of its surroundings. It implores not to be judged boastful as there are ample profs substantiate that the serene an exotic campus is one of the prime motivating factors that draws students to get enrolled here.

Students are well equipped with a laptop each with Wi-Fi enabled classrooms. The class rooms are well equipped with ceiling mounted LCD projectors, smart boards and advanced sound system.

The college central library hosts around 66,000 books of which selection and picking are computerized in addition to the provision of CD and computer operation facilities to students. In addition, independent departmental libraries provide extra books to the students.

The college has three specious auditoria with state-of-the-art infrastructure. Events hosted here give a sense of fulfillment; gratification and those we are exploring newer possibilities to meet the changing trends in society.

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