About Department

The KLEMCA was established in the year 2000. It was inaugurated by Shri. Siddappa, Vice Chancellor, Bangalore University, Bangalore on 24-01-2000.The Course is approved by AICTE and affiliated to Bangalore University having an intake capacity of 40 students. 50% of the intake is through government quota(PGCET) and the remaining 50% through KMAT. The duration of the study is six semester spanning a period of three years.


“Empowering through Quality Technical education and assisting the students to be self-reliant, self-confident, self-assured emerging individuals who can set the path towards “dreams to reality”.


An understanding and appreciation of the vital and pervasive role of information as an essential input in all developmental activities.A thorough insight into all techniques of information handling with special emphasis on application of information technology.

About MCA

With the advent of the internet and the birth of information technology, the demand for ‘Computer Savy’ personnel has grown to formidable heights and will continue to grow in the near future. This is one of the most sought after Post graduate programme which inclines more towards application development to meet the competency in the present-day global situation. A lucrative opening of IT industry is another important factor to have initiated this course.

In short, to meet the demand of the entire socio economic spectrum, MCA trains and educates fresh talents to become technologically sound and well equipped to face the challenges of present and the future.

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