The Bachelor of Commerce course has been designed in consultation with employers and academicians to cover the knowledge and skills that are needed in business. The practical nature of Bachelor of Commerce programme enables the students to be highly employable in corporate and academic world.


The broad objective of the Bachelor of Commerce course is to impart to the student professional educational and training in various aspects of business and its environment and provide them with opportunity to develop managerial and analytical skills in order to meet the challenge of business at the national and global level.


  • To impart quality education in the field of Trade and Commerce
  • To encourage students to use of information and communication technology
  • To inculcate ethics and human values
  • To encourage the faculty and students to galvanize in research
  • To provide adequate infrastructure from time to time
  • To develop professionalism among students


  • To focus on preparing young entrepreneur who can add economic value to the resources, for promoting socio-economic well-being of nation.
  • To imbibe creative and innovative culture through research and Critical bend of mind

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