JPE is a career oriented B.A degree course with an aim to make students creative, active, vibrant and alert, to mould students to meet the standards of the media industry, to train to face the challenges of the modern job scenario and to enter into lucrative jobs. JPE aims at building a brand name for the KLES’Ss S.Nijalingappa College and to evolve the students into personalities recognizable by the society.


  • To train students to be critical journalists across evolving media platforms.
  • To equip students with the skills necessary to sustain serious journalism that engages successfully with a broad range of readers and audiences, in print online and across the airwaves.
  • To train students to be good psychologists, researchers and counselors in the field of psychology.
  • To train students in teaching, publishing, writing, advertising, research or translation.


To bring all round development with academic excellence. To enable a student to learn the fundamental Principles of Governance through political views of Nation wand world.

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