The Department was established in the year 1963, with Sri. P.M. Vamadeo as Head of Department. Now the dept. is headed by Prof. S.C. Hiremath


  • To impart relent and quality education to the students; to inculcate the values of Indian culture; and to teach the students the values of self – reliavnce and service. And to maintain sustainable human values.
  • To ignite the young minds in the learning environment of high academic excellence by channelising and synchronizing their energies with scientific competence.
  • To promote the attitude for intellectual growth, developed skills necessary for self-reliance and to produce responsible global citizens
  • To impart quality education which moulds holistic personality of the students.
  • To sensitize students to imbibe human values and create a healthy atmosphere for learning and positive interaction.


  • The vision of the Department is to impart knowledge of National language Hindi its literature and Functional Hindi to non – Hindi speaking students.
  • To bring out the best in man by providing value based, need based and career oriented education and create self-reliant global citizens.

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