Let us not be sycophantic in the perception of our campus. Our college indeed has an aesthetic aura which instills an educative spirit in the seclusion of its surroundings. It implores not to be judged boastful as there are ample proofs to substantiate that the serene and exotic campus is one of the prime motivating factors that draws students to get enrolled here.


  • To impart quality education to meet the needs and challenges of global environment.
  • To promote use of advanced technology for teaching.
  • To import ethics and human values and develop professional and life.
  • To promote leadership qualities among students
  • To encourage the faculty and students to pursue academic Excellence.
  • To endow students and faculty with institutional ethos and Heritage.
  • To provide adequate instructure.
  • To ensure equality for disadvantages sections of the society.


To bring out the best in man by providing value based, need based and carrer oriented education and create self-reliant global citizens

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