Student Achievements

Student Achievements

Name Class Event Participated Date Achievement
Panapalli Rajshekar Reddy   DST 2009-10 to 2011-12 Inspire Scholarship 80,000/year
Lavanya N

Stud Ach1

  Bangalore University  2011 -12 Gold Medal for Securing Highest Marks
Pooja Y R

Stud Ach2

II B.Sc Performing Mahabharatha Drama in the form of Bharathanatya dance continuously for 108 hours 2013 Guinness Record
Rathnamma  III BA Antarala(Katha sankalana) 2013 Publication
C.G.Sathish II B.Sc   2014 Indian Academy of Science  Student research Fellowship programme andIIT JAM
Varalakshmi III BA Mouna matadaga (Kavana Sankalana) 2014 Publication
Kavya P

Stud Ach3

III BA Performing Bharathanatya in the form of classical solo and Semi classical group dance continous 100 hrs. and 48 min 2015

2 Gunnies Record for


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