The Department is continuously engaged in research activities. The department is conducting two minor research projects sponsored by UGC. The students are given short term research projects to inculcate research culture.

Prof. T.K. Ghori presented a paper on Development of Vermicompost technology using Market waste (Fruits and vegetables)- as a part of MRP work

Minor research Projects

Type of ongoing project Funding agency Grants received Name of faculty involved Status
Fruit and vegetable compost production UGC 1,40,000 Prof. T.K. Ghori Completed
“Estimation of Furanocoumarins in Ruta graveolens L.”, an anticancerous plant . (2014- 2016) UGC 1,08,500 Dr. B.L. Manjula On going



Student research projects

  • Estimation of micro and macro elements in Market waste vermicompost processed in the lab.
  • Production of vermicompost by using market waste from BHM Deparment and same is used as a manure for plants in the campus.
  • Systematic Identification of plants in the campus and compilation of Campus flora 2015

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