Academic Calendar

Calendar of Events  for the Academic Year:2017-18
Undergraduate Courses – Odd Semester
Date Name of the  Events  
5/25/2017 IQAC meeting to discuss the academic activities of the year 2017-18
6/1/2017 Re-opening of colleges and commencement of  I Semester admission
6/2/2017 Prepartion of time table for odd semester, Unitization of syllabus and distribution, Lesson Plan, Teaching Plan
6/5/2017 Preparation for oraganising workshop /seminar/conference by the departments
6/6/2017 Preparation for micro teaching schedule for each staff
6/7/2017 Submission of Lesson plan, Teaching plan
6/8/2017 Preparation for research project proposals
6/12/2017 Submission of workshop/seminar/conference proposals
6/14/2017 Submission of research project proposals
6/20/2017 Orientation for I year degree students
6/21/2017 Celebration of International Yoga Day
6/27/2017 Inauguration of Science forum
6/28/2017 Inauguration of Arts and Commerce forum
6/29/2017 Last date for admission with penal fee Rs.500/- for admission to III and V semester on transfer from other colleges i.e, Bangalore University affiliated college. The principal may seek permission for transfer of admission to other universities/affiliated colleges.
6/30/2017 Inauguration of N.S.S regular activities
7/5/2017 Inauguration of Sports and Cultural activities
7/7/2017 Selection trails for Indoor games
II week of July Selection for college teams- Cricket, Football, Volleyball, Table- Tennis, Kabbaddi and Kho-Kho
7/10/2017 Commencement of  I, III, V, semester  classes including VII semester of BHM course
19/07/2017 Last date for admission to  1st semester without penal fee
28/07/2017 Last date for admission to 1st semester with penal fee of Rs.550
02-08-2017 to 05-08-2017 1st Internal Assessment Test
8/15/2017 Independence Day celebration, Parent-Teachers meeting
03/08/2017 To 19/08/2017 Uploading of  students details in University portal
22-08-2017 to 26-09-2017 Allotment of Register Number
Last week of August 2017  Admission approval (Admission Approval procedure is as done during previous years-Online Admission procedure)
8/28/2017 IQAC meeting
9/5/2017 Teachers’ Day celebration, Blood Donation Camp by N.S.S unit.
III week of September Selection of college teams for Bangalore University- Sports Meet
27-09-2017 to 30-09-2017 2nd Internal assessment test
10/2/2017 Gandhi Jayanthi celebration
10/11/2017  Parent-Teachers’ Meeting
10/12/2017 Alumni Meet
10/14/2017 IQAC meeting
10/26/2017 Workshop on New Syllabus by Kannada Dept
11/9/2017 End of  I, III, V semester classes including VII semester of BHM course
11/10/2017 Commencement of vacation for  Teachers
11/11/2017 To 17/11/2017 Commencement of  Practical Examination
11/13/2017 K.L.E Society Foundation day celebration
17/11/2017 Last date for submission of  Internal Assessment to University
From 20/11/2017 Commencement of I, III, V, VII semester theory examination
From 24/11/2017 Commencement of Valuation
12/20/2017 AIDS and Hepatitis Awareness Programme by N.S.S unit
III week of December N.S.S camp and study Tour
Undergraduate Courses – Even Semester
26/12/2017 Commencement of II, IV, VI and VIII semester classes
28-12-2017 to 30-12-2017 Athletic Meet
1/1/2018 New Year and Ethnic Day celebration
1/12/2018 Youth Day celebration by N.S.S unit
1/26/2018 Republic day celebration
III week of February 1st Internal Assessment Test
3/7/2018  Parent-Teachers’ meet
Last week of March 2018 2nd Internal Assessment Test
4/16/2018 End of II, IV, VI and VIII semester of BHM course
17/04/2018 Commencement of vacation for Teachers
From 18/04/2018 Commencement of Practical Examination
23/04/2018 Last date for submission of Internal Assessment to University
Last week of April  2018 Fare well to outgoing Final year degree students
24/04/2018 Commencement of II, IV, VI Semester and VIII semester of BHM course  theory examination
From 28/04/2018 Commencement of Valuation
Between 28/05/2018-01/06/2018 Announcement of Results
6/1/2018 Re-opening of college and commencement of  admission
15/6/2018 Commencement of Classes
Postgraduate Courses – Odd Semester
7/10/2017 Teachers to Report for Duty – PG
28/07/2017 To Commencement of classes and term  for III semester
11/08/2017 To 20/12/2017 Commencement of classes and term for I semester
17/08/2017 to 25/09/2017 Induction Programme term for I semester
27/10/2017 to 16-11-2017 Payment of examination fees without fine
17/11/2017 to 23-11-2017 Payment of examination fees with panel fees Rs.200
11/3/2017 Kannada Rajyothsava celebration
11/27/2017 Last date for submission of OMR/ Examination fees-DD/Exam applications by the departments/colleges to the Universitiy
11/27/2017 Last date for submission of  Queston Papers indent to the confidential section of the exam branch(city)
I st week of December Internal Assessment test
07/12/2017 To 15/12/2017 Preparatory holidays for III Semester students
21/12/2017 To 28/12/2017 Preparatory holidays for I Semester students
18/12/2017 To 27/12/2017 Theory Examinations for III semester
29/12/2017 To 06/01/2018 Theory Examinations for I semester
28/12/2017 To 13/01/2018 Valuation/Tabulation of III Semester
02-01-2018 to 31/01/2018 Internship for IV semester
08/01/2018 To 25/01/2018 Valuation/Tabulation of I Semester
08/01/2018 To 13/01/2018 Result peocessing and Announcement  for III semester
17/01/2018 To 31/01/2018 Result peocessing and Announcement  for I semester
01/01/2018 To 25/01/2018 Commencement of vacation for Teachers
29/01/2018 Commencement of classes and term for II and IV semesters

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