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terrafirmacraft ores minerals crafting

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the mod sucesfully motivates you into exploring and look for naturally ocurring surface level resources as opposed to going straight for bedrock. in tfc you don't get your first pick until several hours in and just getting to that tech level is quite a challenge and takes some "figuring out" as ores follow real world geological principles (kind

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artisans leveling up and crafting help! assassin's creed iii one of the material for any of the firearms you craft is flint- but you have to craft flint first out of 3 mineral materials (iron ore when you level up the miner and it says "silver ore now available from miner" i was thinking "oh ok now i can craft stuff with

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a boundless world from wild forests to winter expanses start playing in survival mode and create your first pickaxe explore caves and mines extract ore and

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if all else fails and you do not wish to cheat the ore or mineral in yourself there is one final option. tfcore.cfg is a configuration file used to determine the world generation of ores. the values in this file can be altered to make ores spawn more commonly as well as in larger veins and clusters.

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small ores can be found scattered around on the surface of the ground. these are samples of what ore veins are located within 35 blocks underneath the soil so they're somewhat important. in the majority of cases it is a sample of a vein in the top layer of stone. however in areas where the top layer is thin enough the vein may be located in the upper section of the middle stone layer.

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page edit suggestions: platinum can now be forged into an oil lamp so it should be removed from the useless section. jdvcrafter 19:21 9 march 2016 (cst)

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ores and minerals main article: ores & minerals. ores & minerals generate by replacing the appropriate stone blocks. each stone type is capable of spawning different specific ores and minerals upon world generation. these capabilities can be used as a basic prospecting mechanic.

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