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the copper kupferschiefer lausitz

kupferschiefer - wikipedia

the kupferschiefer (german for copper shale also called copper slate) or kupfermergel (copper marl) (t1 or z1) is an extensive and remarkable geologic formation in northern europe. the thin formation is typically 30 to 60 centimetres (12 to 24 in) and maximum 2 metres (6.6 ft) thick but extends over an area of 600000 square kilometres (230000 sq mi) across the southern permian basin.

processing copper shale poland -

the copper: kupferschiefer lausitz. the process of technical production and the conversion into pure copper is done the major copper deposits in europe are bound to the copper shale - a black zechstein formation extending from england via germany to western poland. get price

milestones: kupferschiefer lausitz - ksl

die ksl kupferschiefer lausitz ist eine hundertprozentige tochter der internationalen bergbauholding minera s.a. und wurde 2007 zur aufsuchung gewinnung und aufbereitung von kupfererz in der lagerstätte bei spremberg gegründet. die lagerstätte befindet sich im brandenburgischen spree-neiße-kreis sowie im angrenzenden gebiet des sächsischen landkreises görlitz.

kupferschiefer mineral deposits germany britannica

in permian period: economic significance of permian deposits …european civilizations is the permian kupferschiefer a copper-bearing shale that has been mined for hundreds perhaps even thousands of addition pinnacle reefs composed of limestones from the cisuralian series occur along the southeastern margins of the russian platform.

geology and resources: kupferschiefer lausitz - ksl

the ksl deposit is located in the “central european copper belt” an area of some 600000km 2 which ranges from the uk via the netherlands and germany into poland and as far as the baltic countries and belarus. it is of the kupferschiefer type a thin (generally less than one meter thick) bed of marine bituminous marl of upper permian (zechstein) age occurring over a large area of north

the copper: kupferschiefer lausitz - ksl

the copper. copper is an essential part of our everyday life. when showering copper pipes make sure that water can flow in the car it accompanies us to work in the office it makes computer technology possible and at home copper wires make sure that the light can glow in the evening.

kupferschiefer - wikipedia

the kupferschiefer contains up to 3% copper 10 ppm of platina and up to 3000 ppm gold. the "im lochborn" mine mining from the kupferschiefer located in bieber hessen is the type locality of the mineral bieberite a cobalt sulfate named after the location. the mineral rösslerite a magnesium arsenate also has the mine as type locality.

the ksl copper deposit: kupferschiefer lausitz

the rapid increase in world prices of copper and other materials lead to a resumption of the copper mine project in spremberg in 2007. the international mining holding company minera s.a. the parent company of ksl kupferschiefer lausitz received permission for exploration by mining authorities for a corresponding investigation

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