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extraction of gold by frasch process

extraction of sulfur by frasch process - answers

the frasch process is a method to extract sulphur from underground deposits. holes are drilled down through the overlying rock into the sulfur deposits. a series of concentric perforated pipes are

extraction of sulphur mastering chemistry help

sulphur also occurs as h2s present in natural gas. sulphur is extracted by the following methods 1. frasch process in this process sulphur is extracted from underground deposits by pumping super heated steam down the beds to melt the sulphur and then blown out the molten sulphur with compressed air. 2. extraction of sulphur from natural gas

frasch process mining britannica

frasch process method of mining deep-lying sulfur invented by the german-born american chemist herman frasch. the process involves superheating water to about 170 °c (340 °f) and forcing it into the deposit in order to melt the sulfur (melting point of about 115 °c or 240 °f) which is lifted to

frasch process - wikipedia

the frasch process is a method to extract sulphur from underground deposits. it is the only industrial method of recovering sulphur from elemental deposits. most of the world's sulfur was obtained this way until the late 20th century when sulfur recovered from petroleum and gas sources became more commonplace (see claus process).. in the frasch process superheated water is pumped into the

what is the frasch process for extraction of sulphur

understand frasch process for extraction of sulphur. click on the link to watch the video explanation: watch video. it is based on the fact that sulphur has a comparatively low melting point. the frasch pump consisting of three concentric pipe is sunk deep into sulphur bed. super heated water in pumper under pressure in outer most pipe.

7 steps of extracting sulfur the frasch process [video]

the low density of sulfur allows compressed air to be able to push it to the surface. now that the molten sulfur is at the surface it can cool and solidify. from there the sulfur forms rhombic crystal. a rhombic crystal has eight molecules. those are the seven steps to the extraction of sulfur and what we call the frasch process.

extraction of sulphur-frash method-extraction of sulphur

extraction of sulphur by frasch method : sulphur is extracted by herman frasch method : principle the basic principle of frasch method is that sulphur is melted underground and pumped up to the surface of the earth. details of process : system configuration : a bore is made to the underground deposits of sulphur and three concentric pipes are

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