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vitamin and mineral shelf life

what is the shelf life of vitamin c - vitamins and their uses

the shelf life of vitamin c is relatively short. aside from the fact that it cannot be stored in the body it is not in its active form for long period of time. to retain and protect the shelf life of your vitamin c supplement make sure that the supplements are placed in an air – tight container.

do vitamins expire or go bad healthy eating sf gate

it's not uncommon to find multivitamins or individual vitamin supplements that migrated to the back of the cabinet and are now past their expiration date. although it may not be dangerous to take expired supplements they won't be as strong as when you first bought them. the fda does not require

what is the shelf life of vitamins - answers

each vitamin will have a different shelf life depending on how it is made. some are in capsules others are tablets some are synthetic and others are made using whole foods.

shelf-life of vitamin supplements in a survival food

a well designed long term survival food storage program will contain most of the vitamins and minerals you need to make it through a crisis with the exception of vitamin a and vitamin c. it may be a good idea to store vitamin supplements to ensure you get the nutrients you need when food is limited. the actual shelf life of vitamins is

do vitamins expire - what to know about taking expired

“their shelf life is about a year as well as liquids and oils which tend to expire faster than tablets or capsules.” 5 vitamins and minerals you don't need to be taking;

shelf life and expiration dates - ask the scientists

some vitamins are very sensitive to the elements while others (ie. minerals) will remain potent almost indefinitely. we recommend storing supplements below 25 degrees celsius (room temperature) and away from light and heat. refrigeration may also help increase the shelf life of supplements.

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