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value of old concrete

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glenlochan: vintage concrete blocks?

mar 03 2013· the full article is available in the southside sentinel.turns out that the blocks in front of glenlochan were actually made by the above vintage block maker which was owned by h.s. chowning sr. chowning owned and ran a block business in the area from 1915 to 1930 and our blocks were produce by the business as were many others located around the town of …

r-values of common building materials! - stronggreen

r-values of common building materials! the r-value of a material determines how quickly heat is conducted across it. the values below are some of the more common r-factors for surfaces found on buildings in the u.s. exterior walls with siding exterior walls with siding concrete block (8") r-value concrete block (8") 2

density of concrete - how much does concrete weigh?

density is simply a mass to volume ratio. perhaps the easiest and most accurate way to calculate the concrete density is to measure some into a container of known volume and weighing it. one value of understanding knowing and monitoring the density of concrete is checking strength by using test cylinders.

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download 902 old cement mixer stock photos for free or amazingly low rates! new users enjoy 60% off. 115636770 stock photos online. ... the yellow old cement mixer old cement mixer for pouring wet concrete. old hand mixer on wheels for preparing wet cement in a small construction project old cement mixer.

design coefficient tables - cecalc

design coefficient tables hazen-williams friction factor (c) pipe material values for c range high/low average value typical design value plastic pvc polyethylene pipe or tubing 160/150 150-155 150 cement or mastic lined iron or steel pipe 160/130 148 140 copper brass lead tin or glass pipe or tubing 150/120 140 130

values of c in hazen-williams formula - irricad

pre-stressed concrete pipes - clean 147 150 150 it is emphasised that the hazen-williams formula is not suitable in form for values of c appreciably below 100 but the values in the above table are approximately correct at a velocity of 1m/s.

f ft2 h/btu-in f ft2 h/btu - university of washington

r-value table common building materials resistivity (r) (per inch thickness) resistance(r) (for given matl.) of ft2 h/btu-in of ft2 h/btu insulation materials fiberglass batt 3.14-4.30

concrete moisture testing myths: know the truth

two years ago my 40 year old house on a concrete slab flooded (6 inches of water for a few hours). following a 6 month drying out period new wood flooring was installed where carpet once existed. now in selected areas moisture from the slab has stained the wood and required the removal of a very minor portion of the flooring.

why ph is important | cretedefender

a good indicator of the level of degradation in your concrete is a ph test. we use a digital ph meter which instantly reads the concrete’s ph. if your concrete’s ph is >between 9 and 11 you are in pretty good shape (and your concrete probably looks pretty good as well). if the ph is between 7 and 9 the concrete is starting to break down.

how to increase the r-value of a concrete block wall ...

dec 19 2018· a wall’s thermal resistance or its r-value is its ability to slow the transfer of heat from one side to the other. concrete block makes a …

modulus of elasticity of concrete - civil engineering

modulus of elasticity of concrete. modulus of elasticity of concrete can be defined as the slope of the line drawn from stress of zero to a compressive stress of 0.45f’ c. as concrete is a heterogeneous material. the strength of concrete is dependent on the relative proportion and modulus of elasticity of the aggregate.

solar reflectance values of concrete

using concrete mixtures with sufficient mixing water however the investigators reported: • reflectance values for 25-week-old concrete produced with white and gray cement were 0.68 to 0.77 and 0.41 to 0.52 respectively; • reflectance values for aged weathered or abraded concrete surfaces were affected by the reflectance of

testing ph of concrete

concrete from 20-year-old sidewalk 10.45 *all values are for sample size of 5 g (0.18 oz) and dilution ratio of 1:2. fig. 1: measured ph versus dilution ratio for cement paste with a 0.4 w/cm fig. 2: measured ph versus dilution ratio for concrete with a 0.4 w/cm fig. 3: measured ph versus dilution ratio for concrete with

5 methods for on-site evaluation of concrete strength ...

dec 07 2016· strength is also considered (at least in the old school) a key factor for durability performance. on-site evaluation of concrete strength is a main challenge in the condition assessment of existing infrastructure. owners and managers of such facilities prefer non-destructive methods to avoid further damage to an already struggling structure.

unloading my antique sears cement mixer - youtube

oct 13 2007· due to the fact that some of us have to work for a living i havn't had a chance to make any cranki' vids. sorry. but to keep you at least …

how to SevenTrust an old concrete laundry tub - the ...

oct 06 2015· how to SevenTrust an old concrete laundry tub. ... they added enough portland cement so the concrete probably tested out at 6000 pounds per square inch or higher compressive strength. years ago when ...

what to do with "concrete waste" at any type of concrete ...

hardened concrete can be crushed to make an excellent base material with a lot of great uses today. in both cases you are recouping value for material that otherwise is a financial negative for you. if you have a mountain of old concrete at your site consider the opportunities for recycling that material! re-purpose excess concrete!

concrete sink refinishing > laundry room sink repair

tubpotion coatings for concrete sink repair can provide a lasting beautiful solution to decades of use and erosion on cement laundry room sinks by refinishing. cracks erosion damage pitted and just plain old beat up – not a problem. let us repair your classic sturdy concrete sink.

stone house ? - greenbuildingtalk - greenbuildingtalk ...

apr 02 2015· the value given for stone's r/inch is off by an order of magnitude. i would expect it to be closer to that of concrete nominally 0.08/inch. the total wall r value for icf is due mostly to the foam on either side of the concrete.

advances in materials science and engineering - hindawi

compressive strength and tensile strength are important mechanical properties of concrete. the long-term strength of concrete under real service environment is an important parameter when evaluating existing buildings which should also be properly considered in structural design. in this study the relationship between compressive and splitting tensile strength of old concrete …

old concrete mixer stock images - download 868 royalty ...

old concrete mixer. pakse laos - april 23 2015 - old concrete mixer in pakse city in laos. pakse is the capital and most populous city in the southern province old concrete mixer. at construction site old concrete mixer. in the middle of the desert of nelson in nevada the very old concrete mixer. old concrete mixer.

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