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iron mining activity in the caribbean

ngwenya mines - unesco world heritage centre

ngwenya also show evidence of three mining activities within the site which is the lion carven mine for specularite and red ochre castle carven for 400ad iron ore mining and two open casts for the 1964-1977 morden iron ore mining. this site shows clearly the earliest mining technology that was used way before europeans came with modem tools.

economy of the caribbean - wikipedia

historically the caribbean’s banana industry has been the one of the biggest exports; however agriculture is beginning to decline in the world economy. now it is the exportation of labor that is on the rise in the caribbean. caribbean women are migrating to developed countries for the opportunity to study particularly in nursing programs.

canadian mining in latin america and the caribbean - wikipedia

canadian mining in latin america and the caribbean began in the 20th century. latin america and the caribbean's vast resources give the region great geopolitical importance attracting foreign interest for centuries. from the colonial race of european empires to the multinationals of today's neoliberal capitalist world this region continues to draw interest. - caribbean islands - industry - mining

caribbean islands. industry mining. in spite of its relative decline during the 1980s mining remained the most important sector of the economy in terms of foreign exchange (see fif.___ mining and related activities). bauxite was by far the most dominant mineral and subsector in the economy.

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how does mining affect the environment

mining affects the environment by exposing radioactive elements removing topsoil increasing the risk of contamination of nearby ground and surface water sources and acidification of the surrounding environment.

mining in central america & the caribbean

mining investments has dampened activity and depressed sentiment in recent years. moving to the caribbean in the domini-can republic mining accounted for a mere 0.4% of gdp in 2011. however the min-ing sector’s value and contribution to gdp is now expected to rise substantially due to the start of production at pueblo viejo (barrick

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