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where does aluminum ore occur

where does iron come from or how is it made sciencing

where does iron come from or how is it made the "rock" portion of iron ore contains oxygen sands and clays in varying amounts depending on the type of ore. the job of an iron works as the earliest such factories were called is to remove as much of the rock and other grit as possible while leaving iron behind – little different in

what’s the deal with natural deodorant - cnet

so aluminum-free antiperspirant is a misnomer and these products are instead called natural deodorant. breast cancer does occur most commonly in the upper outer tissue that's geographically

ultra high temperature (uht) cream mystery - general

read the ultra high temperature (uht) cream mystery discussion from the chowhound general discussion cream food community. join the discussion today.

volvo v50 reviews news pictures and video - roadshow

volvo's sharpest wagon impresses not only with its driving dynamics but with its plug-in hybrid powertrain as well. with a plug-in hybrid powertrain and plenty of go-fast bits attached all over

where does iron ore come from and how its created - quora

there are several sources and deposits of iron ore:- bog iron used to be an important source in colonial america and in viking era. bog iron occurs in swamps and bogs that contains dissolved ferrous iron. the ferrous iron is then oxidized by iron

where does metal ore come from synonym

most metals that we use come from metal ores found in the earth’s crust. metal ores are made up of different compounds. bauxite for example contains about 99 percent aluminum and magnetite about 72 percent iron. these metal ore deposits that contain large percentages of a single element are the easiest to extract.

does aluminum naturally occur - answers

aluminum is abundant in the earth's crust however it does not occur by itself in nature. all of the aluminum in nature is found combined with another element or compound.

aluminium - wikipedia

aluminium (aluminum in american and canadian english) is a chemical element with the symbol al and atomic number 13. it is a silvery-white soft non-magnetic and ductile metal in the boron mass aluminium makes up about 8% of the earth's crust; it is the third most abundant element after oxygen and silicon and the most abundant metal in the crust though it is less common in the

how much aluminum to equal copper - cookware - aluminum

read the how much aluminum to equal copper discussion from the chowhound cookware aluminum food community. join the discussion today. this is the result of the stretching that occurs in the periphery of the blank when it is pressed. the floor thickness of 10mm is relatively unaffected.

where does aluminum ore occur

where does aluminum ore occur - acherishedbirth. where does aluminum ore occur_hot sale 1kg tungsten cubepure tungsten ingots on alibaba buy laser marking or engraving can be made on the surface *** baoji tianbo metal materials co ltd is a pr. how aluminum foil is made - material manufacture making

where does aluminum come from - answers

aluminum comes mostly from an aluminum ore called bauxite. it is mined out of the ground in large geological formations found in ghana indonesia jamaica russia and surinam but it is also

mining and refining aluminum howstuffworks

the primary s­ource of aluminum is an ore known as bauxite. an ore is any naturally occurring solid m­aterial from which a metal or valuable mineral can be obtained. in this the solid material is a mixture of hydrated aluminum oxide and hydrated iron oxide. hydrated refers to water molecules that are chemically bound to the two compounds.

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